Vendors for Fall Convention

Vendors for Nebraska Fur Harvesters’ Fall Convention

We wish to announce the vendors scheduled to attend the Fall Convention. Looks like we are going to a great time. Note: if you would like to join in please contact Jason Reynoldson at

Information on the Convention

JR’s Fur Shed
Kansas Trapline Products

Fall Convention

Fall Convention

Petska Fur
Top Lot Stretcher Co.
Antler Jewelry
HD Outdoors, Coon Collector
Florin’s Trapping Supply
No BS Lures
Jones Fur Buying-Groenwald
Mark June’s Lures Inc.
ADC’s Lures and Baits
Minaska Outdoors
Lyle Thelen Trap Supply
Northwest Predator & wildlife Control
Predator Patrol
Dakota Line Snares
Keg Creek Baits and Lure
Armada Trap Supply
Fillmore Stretchers
All Terrain Live Traps
Gnad Fur Co.
Apple Road Lures
Papio Creek Trapping Supply
Fallen Branch Snares
5H Trading Post
Z Traps
Dead Coyote Snares
Dakota Prairie Baits
Minnesota Trapline Products
Sudden Valley Supply
Windance Outfitters
Peterson Furs
Schneider Wild Fur
Olson’s Trapping Supplies
Uhlik Repeater
RK Trapline Products
Schroeder Cage Traps
Rally Hess Snares
Prairie Wind Lures
Mud Motor
High Plains Professional Lures
Mackie Fur and Hide
Easy Traps

We have room for you!


Fall Convention 2014 Flyer

Nebraska for harvesters fall convention 2014 flyer PDF

Please distribute widely, Thank you.

Casting Call

Dear Nebraska Fur Harvesters,

I received this e-mail so I am making the membership aware of the request. I did not verify this company and no claim is being made regarding it, so buyer beware. I have attached it below.

Stephen M. Vantassel, Secretary.
Hi, Nebraska Fur Harvesters,

My name is Molly Tom. I’m a Casting Associate with Leftfield Entertainment, a full scale television production company that creates a number of programs for various cable networks, such as The History Channel, Discovery, A&E and National Geographic – including the international smash hit, “Pawn Stars.”

I wanted to reach out the Nebraska Fur Harvesters about a new project we are working on that could be a great opportunity for some of your members, or maybe even you! It would be a great help if you could spread the word or refer us to anyone you know that might be a good fit for this.

We’re currently developing an exciting new series with a major cable network that is going to ask the strongest self reliance experts and enthusiasts in the world a very simple question – how long could you survive alone in the wild? We’re looking for folks who want to prove that they have the skills, determination, willpower and mental strength to take part in the ultimate survival experience. No gimmicks. No film crew. No games. The series will feature a group of self-reliance specialists as they brave the elements to survive on their terms with nothing but what they can carry on their backs. Their mission: to survive alone in the wild for an extended period of time and self-document their journey every step of the way. If this seems like something you would be interested in, we’d love to hear from you. Likewise, if you know someone else who might be right for this, please let us know. Any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. Below is the link to our casting application.

I’ve included our casting notice, but if you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to email me at or call me directly at 212-564-2607 ext.2698.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Molly Tom
Casting Associate
Leftfield Entertainment
Office: 212-564-2607 ext. 2698

Fax: 212-967-7573


Fall Convention 2014

Check out the Fall Convention Page as more details regarding the Fall Convention have been posted.


Unite to Fight: Animal Rights Initiative I-167

 Montana Trappers, Live Stock Producers, Sportsmen 

Unite to Fight

Animal Rights Initiative I-167

Montana’s animal rights activists have begun gathering signatures for ballot Initiative 167 that would make trapping on any public lands in Montana illegal.  That includes approximately 60% of public land in western Montana and 35% of the total lands in the state.

Animal Rights Activity

The animal rights groups need to gather approximately 24,000 signatures in 34 qualified house districts in order to get this statutory initiative on the 2014 ballot box.  In 2010 this group tried and failed to gather enough legitimate signatures on the ballot but they have had three years to raise money and gather support.

Montana Trappers Association

The MTA has taken action to fight and win.  If we’re not at the table, we will certainly be on the menu!  The MTA is just warming up but has already stepped up to the table and has done the following:

  • Met with public officials to review the Ballot wording.
  • Launched the website to promote the Ballot Initiative Committee “Montanans for Effective Wildlife Management” (MEWM) check it out!
  • Social media; follow MTA on Facebook!
  • Printed 10,000 MEWM tri-fold pamphlets.
  • Met with dozens of organizations to unite on all fronts.
  • Gathered major political campaign quotes.
  • Developed fundraising campaigns to wage war on the anti- Montanan’s!

Key Talking Points 

Trappers can beat this initiativeby uniting sportsmen groups, advocating against this initiative at every possible venue, and by getting the message out to the general public– but you don’t have to wing it.  Here are key points to focus on:

  • I-167 is an animal rights sponsored initiative which prohibits regulated, licensed trapping as a wildlife management tool on all public lands in Montana.
  • I-167 would remove a much needed method to control wolves and other problem animals in Montana.
  • 43% of wolves harvested in 2012-2013 were caught by trappers.  More than half of the wolves trapped in 2012-2013 were caught on public lands.
  • I-167 wouldreduce income for many Montanans, increase predators (reducing big game animals, waterfowl, and upland bird populations) and increase costs for government agencies.
  • I-167 would reduce efficiency and increase costs for MTFW&P to trap and transplant game animals and conflict/problem animals for wildlife management purposes.
  • I-167 would be in violation of MCA 87-6-603 Montana’s law against wasting of fur.
  • The professional biologists at Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks do an excellent job of regulating and overseeing Montana’s trapping activities.
  • Trappers are committed to being responsible stewards of Montana’s natural resources and strongly support the usage of the most effective humane methods and technologies available.
  • Montana Trappers are committed to ethical and responsible pursuit of their profession including support for expanded trapper education and training.

Never Weaken

Visit us on Facebook and www.NoOnI-167 to learn more about the DOZENSof outdoor groups in Montana and the USA who are going to stand strong with trappers and help knock the snot out of these cancerous proponents of wildlife degradation!


Toby Walrath is the President of the Montana Trappers Association.

Spring meeting

Spring meeting in Ord Nebraska. Sunday April 13,2014.
At Karp and Krow grounds


If you are leaving Ord to the North East, on Highway 70, you will cross the
bridge on the North Loup river, and in about a hundred yards (give or
take) you will angle right on a gravel road (pretty much straight east). ln
about a mile, you will see the gate on your right hand side. The Karp and
Krow grounds has a while pipe gate, several buildings, a couple of ponds,
and a shooting rangelblue rock trap set up.

lf you are coming from the NW on highway 70, by way of Erickson, then a
hundred yards or so BEFORE you cross the river bridge to enter Ord, you
will take the gravel road to your left.

Anti-Trappers Continue Baseless Claims

Anti-Trappers Continue Baseless Claims

(Nebraska Fur Harvesters wanted our members to be aware of the plight of our trapping brothers and sisters in Oregon.)

Trap Free Oregon wants to ban traps used to harvest abundant wildlife and protect people and property. Photo by Stephen M. Vantassel.

Trap Free Oregon wants to ban traps used to harvest abundant wildlife and protect people and property. Photo by Stephen M. Vantassel.

While we expect our opponents to make all sorts of wild statements in favor of  banning trapping, we thought we would highlight  one particularly egregious posting recently made by TrapFree Oregon (TFO) on their Facebook page. As evidenced below, they will say anything to try and divide our trapping coalition, even going so far as to claim support from our allies.
See below for the outrageous  statement by TFO about support from hunters for their anti-trapping campaign.
TrapFree Oregon Facebook, September 25, 2013:
Most hunters are embarrassed by trapping. Neither we nor they see it as sporting.

Many of the fundamental tenets of hunting are violated by trapping. 1) Fair Chase, 2) Quick Kill, 3) Sure of your target.

Bird hunters are afraid that their well trained dogs will be caught. Legitimate hunters are appalled, as we are, when someone’s dog gets caught. Trappers are trying very hard to enlist hunters in opposing TFO on the grounds that “we’ll be after them next”. Most hunters don’t buy that argument. We’re counting on hunters to support TFO. Please think about what you’re hearing from our opponents before you make up your mind.”
Sportsmen’s  groups in Oregon and around the country are firmly against the anti-trapping initiative. They know that regulated trapping is needed in order to protect deer, elk, and livestock from predation by coyotes and other species. Hunters,  trappers, and anglers have long been the driving force behind wildlife conservation efforts, and  when one group is attacked, it is a threat to all.