Vendors for Fall Convention

Vendors for Nebraska Fur Harvesters’ Fall Convention

We wish to announce the vendors scheduled to attend the Fall Convention. Looks like we are going to a great time. Note: if you would like to join in please contact Jason Reynoldson at

Information on the Convention

JR’s Fur Shed
Kansas Trapline Products

Fall Convention

Fall Convention

Petska Fur
Top Lot Stretcher Co.
Antler Jewelry
HD Outdoors, Coon Collector
Florin’s Trapping Supply
No BS Lures
Jones Fur Buying-Groenwald
Mark June’s Lures Inc.
ADC’s Lures and Baits
Minaska Outdoors
Lyle Thelen Trap Supply
Northwest Predator & wildlife Control
Predator Patrol
Dakota Line Snares
Keg Creek Baits and Lure
Armada Trap Supply
Fillmore Stretchers
All Terrain Live Traps
Gnad Fur Co.
Apple Road Lures
Papio Creek Trapping Supply
Fallen Branch Snares
5H Trading Post
Z Traps
Dead Coyote Snares
Dakota Prairie Baits
Minnesota Trapline Products
Sudden Valley Supply
Windance Outfitters
Peterson Furs
Schneider Wild Fur
Olson’s Trapping Supplies
Uhlik Repeater
RK Trapline Products
Schroeder Cage Traps
Rally Hess Snares
Prairie Wind Lures
Mud Motor
High Plains Professional Lures
Mackie Fur and Hide
Easy Traps

We have room for you!

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