Unite to Fight: Animal Rights Initiative I-167

 Montana Trappers, Live Stock Producers, Sportsmen 

Unite to Fight

Animal Rights Initiative I-167

Montana’s animal rights activists have begun gathering signatures for ballot Initiative 167 that would make trapping on any public lands in Montana illegal.  That includes approximately 60% of public land in western Montana and 35% of the total lands in the state.

Animal Rights Activity

The animal rights groups need to gather approximately 24,000 signatures in 34 qualified house districts in order to get this statutory initiative on the 2014 ballot box.  In 2010 this group tried and failed to gather enough legitimate signatures on the ballot but they have had three years to raise money and gather support.

Montana Trappers Association

The MTA has taken action to fight and win.  If we’re not at the table, we will certainly be on the menu!  The MTA is just warming up but has already stepped up to the table and has done the following:

  • Met with public officials to review the Ballot wording.
  • Launched the website www.NoOnI-167.org to promote the Ballot Initiative Committee “Montanans for Effective Wildlife Management” (MEWM) check it out!
  • Social media; follow MTA on Facebook!
  • Printed 10,000 MEWM tri-fold pamphlets.
  • Met with dozens of organizations to unite on all fronts.
  • Gathered major political campaign quotes.
  • Developed fundraising campaigns to wage war on the anti- Montanan’s!

Key Talking Points 

Trappers can beat this initiativeby uniting sportsmen groups, advocating against this initiative at every possible venue, and by getting the message out to the general public– but you don’t have to wing it.  Here are key points to focus on:

  • I-167 is an animal rights sponsored initiative which prohibits regulated, licensed trapping as a wildlife management tool on all public lands in Montana.
  • I-167 would remove a much needed method to control wolves and other problem animals in Montana.
  • 43% of wolves harvested in 2012-2013 were caught by trappers.  More than half of the wolves trapped in 2012-2013 were caught on public lands.
  • I-167 wouldreduce income for many Montanans, increase predators (reducing big game animals, waterfowl, and upland bird populations) and increase costs for government agencies.
  • I-167 would reduce efficiency and increase costs for MTFW&P to trap and transplant game animals and conflict/problem animals for wildlife management purposes.
  • I-167 would be in violation of MCA 87-6-603 Montana’s law against wasting of fur.
  • The professional biologists at Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks do an excellent job of regulating and overseeing Montana’s trapping activities.
  • Trappers are committed to being responsible stewards of Montana’s natural resources and strongly support the usage of the most effective humane methods and technologies available.
  • Montana Trappers are committed to ethical and responsible pursuit of their profession including support for expanded trapper education and training.

Never Weaken

Visit us on Facebook and www.NoOnI-167 to learn more about the DOZENSof outdoor groups in Montana and the USA who are going to stand strong with trappers and help knock the snot out of these cancerous proponents of wildlife degradation!


Toby Walrath is the President of the Montana Trappers Association.

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