Traps to Commemorate NFH’s Anniversary

450 Commemorative Trap

NFH has plated traps to commemorate our 40th anniversary. We will be using the website to bid on these traps.

“Hey Furharvester- You can own this trap! A piece of Nebraska History! To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Nebraska Furhavesters Association, we will be offering ONLY 4 complete sets, 1 each of Minnesota Trapline Products 750-650-550-450 Coil Spring Traps entirely Gold Plated with an Engraved Nickel Plated Pan to the highest bidder.

2 sets will be offered on the NFH website and 2 sets will be offered at the fall 2013 convention.

Don’t want an entire set but would like a Commemorative Trap any way – we will have Only 7 added MTP 650 Coil Spring, Gold Plated, engraved, Nickel Pan Traps for you to bid on the website and at the convention. So here is your chance to own a Commemorative set or just one –—— for yourself or the next generation. This limited supply ensures it will retain its value. There are two ways to bid, Website or In Person at the Convention, so don’t miss out because just like offering fur, the highest bidder wins, so plan to bid in soon!”

Winners can pick up their traps at the Fall Convention in Crete. We are also willing to ship but buyer pays for shipping.

Bidding is done in 2 dollar increments. Bids end approximately 7 days prior to Convention subject to NFH discretion.

Bids may be sent to Please provide full contact information.

Michael Lance bids $235.00 on one sets (450-750).

Commemorative Traps

Commemorative Traps

Niles Buetner bids $270.00 on the second set (450-750)

Three 650’s to bid on.
Joseph Woitzel bids $90.00 for one 650.
Peterson Furs bids $80.00 for one 650.
Dave Hastings bids $100.00 for one 650.

Let the bidding continue.

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