Be Careful with Your Photos

Here is what happened to a government trapper whose images got viewed by people who hate trapping.

One response

  1. As I continue to see photos on facebook and the internet of people out hunting, holding up dead animals with huge smiles across the peoples’ faces I can’t help but feel confused, frustrated and embarrassed for these people. I have never been against traditional hunting, where the purpose of hunting is to obtain and eat the meat, use the fur and utilize the other parts. However, I am against trophy hunting and thrill hunting. That being said no matter what type of hunting is done, I cannot wrap my head around how people (usually men) can have photos taken of them holding their dead deers, bears, coyotes, wolves etc up while smiling big and looking oh so proud. How can someone be proud of killing a defenseless animal? These animals have no idea what’s coming, and the machinery used to take them down leaves them with no fight. I’ll tell you what…. if you can go out into the wild and fight these animals with your bare hands, without using guns and other weapons, and then manage to kill it….then you will have my support, and then you will have something to smile about and be proud of. That would be a fair fight. You might as well hunt human children or babies and be proud of killing them because they are just as defenseless and powerless to your guns and traps. So every time you take a photo and feel so proud of that deer that you shot while hiding up in a tree covered in camouflage, remember that just because you are skilled at being quiet and had enough money to afford your nice gun with your professional scope to aim; it doesn’t make you more of a man. It doesn’t make you look strapping and strong…. it makes you look like a power hungry fool; someone that thrives off of taking out unaware sentient beings. At least make it a fair fight, then you can have something to be proud of. I am going to make a wild guess that these people know they wouldn’t win if they fought animals without weapons. Also, when did we lose our sense of humaneness. We are seriously that proud to kill living, breathing beings? If we killed humans the way we kill animals people would be DISGUSTED and OUTRAGED. So how can we be so proud of killing and holding up animals? Humans and animals are both animals, both are sentient beings and feel pain, both can feel emotions, but animals don’t purposefully kill us proudly with a smile stretched across their faces.

    December 2, 2012 at 1:37 am

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