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New Site: Update Your Favorites

Hi everyone,

Nebraska Fur Harvesters has a new website http://nebraskafurharvesters.com  Please update your favorites.

This word press site will no longer be updated.

Stephen versus animal protectionists

My talk on the BBC where I had to compete with 3 animal protectionists is available for download http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b054qbhl

Reporter Question

Hi everyone,

I received a question from a reporter considering a story on Nebraska Trappers.
He puts his request as follows.
The business editor at the Lincoln Journal Star is interested in any reports you may want to give him, preferably by email, to begin with, on this fur trapping season, its success or lack therof, the market for furs, and any other insight you may offer on this business. He is not a trapper, but is interested in writing a story at some point later in the season to describe how many people participate in this market in Nebraska, who some of them are, how successful they are and to what degree they do it for money or love of the outdoors.

Put your responses on this site or email me at stephenvantassel@hotmail.com

Dogs and Bodygrip Traps

Learn how to release your dog when accidentally caught in a body-grip trap. Just print the pdf. It was created by the Minnesota Trappers Association.

Nebraska Fur Harvest Report 2013-14

Sam Wilson, furbearer biologist, of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has compiled a report on the fur harvest for Nebraska in the season 2013-14.

Click link for the PDF.

Fall Convention 2014

Fall Convention 2014

Well the Fall Convention is in the history books. If you missed it, then you need to make sure you make next years. The 2015 Fall Convention will occur in Seward, NE. So make plans to attend.

NFH President (Adam Duryea) speaking at the Fall Annual Meeting. Photo by Stephen M. Vantassel.

NFH President (Adam Duryea) speaking at the Fall Annual Meeting. Photo by Stephen M. Vantassel.

This year’s convention was a resounding success. Kudos to Jason Reynoldson and his team for an outstanding Convention.

The NFH Officers have changed so be sure to visit the Officer’s Page to see who your leaders are for the next term.

Spring Meeting (2015) will be in Albion, NE. Stay tuned for details.



Fall Convention

Fall Convention Schedule and vendors posted.

Visit The Fall Convention Page

New vendor added.